Ninja Kitty – Scratch Out The Dragon Empire

In the words of CrowdWorld Inc., the developers of fast-paced Ninja Kitty, today marks the beginning of your chance to “become Kitty Claws Clan ninja warriors”. That’s right; from Boxing Day through to New Year, you have the opportunity to run, tap and swipe your way through a 3D ninja adventure for free.

If you’re the kind of cat that needs a little context before you start scratching people to shreds, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a villain at large, and your catnip-fuelled rage is more than justified. The Kitty Claws Clan is at risk from the Evil Dragon King, who is attempting to put an end to them once and for all. A mystical sword is the only entity keeping the Dragon Empire from taking over, and until it is in their possession, the Royal Ninja Kittens are being held ransom. See? I told you; justified.   


Ninja Kitty harnesses side-scrolling action and bright 3D graphics to take wannabe ninjas across five unique environments. In each, expect to run through five levels, adding up to a total of 25, and leap or slide your way around the 150+ obstacles that stand between you and the kitten hostages. If you do happen to avoid these hurdles, more trials lay ahead, and you will have to use all of your feline prowess to take down an assortment of deadly bosses. ninja-kitty-3

Luckily, to help in bringing evil to its scaly knees there are a number of weapons in your arsenal, such as swords, claws and staffs, and four armour sets to choose between, also. In addition, there are 5 tuna-loving ninjas to choose between, allowing a person to completely customise a ninja to their preference; from head to toe… or paw.


 Ninja Kitty is available on iOS and Android devices, and if you download it right now – or before New Year, anyway – it’s available completely free. It’s time to stop batting that ball of yarn around and get down to business. There are kittens at stake.