NightCry Kickstarter Unveils Short Film & More

Hifumi Kono, creator of the Clock Tower series and lead on new horror game NightCry, has just taken his project to Kickstarter, citing huge interest in a PC version of what had been planned as a mobile game. Seeing the demand from fans, he has pushed for a much more ambitious project than he’d been planning for, and as such is looking for more funding to finish it. Unsatisfied at the idea of simply porting the work he’d already completed to PC, he is looking for $300,000 to polish and improve its quality for the more powerful platform.


The project already had a crew of Japanese horror greats working on it. Initially, he had only mentioned that Masahiro Ito (Silent Hill 1-3 creature designer) and Takashi Shimizu (director of The Grudge) were assisting with the project. Now, he has revealed that the sound design is getting just as much attention from big names, as Michiru Yamane (composer for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Suikoden III) and Nobuko Toda (composer for the Metal Gear Solid series) have joined the project as well.


A few more gameplay details have been fleshed out, although there is still very little gameplay footage to be seen. The main character, a woman in a dress, has to find her way off a luxury cruise liner that has been attacked by a cult and brought the Scissorman spirit in tow. They have taken a particular interest in her, and she’ll only be able to escape by allying with the other people on the ship. With multiple endings, many of them likely unpleasant, it promises a varied, complex experience for your Kickstarter dollars. While there, why not check out the short film created about the game as well?


For more information on NightCry, you can head to the game’s website or follow its development on Facebook and Twitter.

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