New Gameplay Details and Footage Emerge from Capybara’s Below

Explore, survive, discover

Capybara’s mysterious successor to the lovely Super Time Force has seen the light of day again during Day 0 of E3. After showing up at PAX in April, and being showcased during Microsoft’s indie showcase this Monday morning, Below was featured again on Gametrailers. In his interview with Gametrailers, Capy’s creative director, Kris Piotrowski, explained how player’s will be pitted alone on an island to explore its depths and its secrets.

At first, players will know nothing– no controls, no backstory– but as they wander and roam and die in dungeon-crawler fashion, players will intuitively learn more character skills and abilities. Each time the player dies, a new character will take its place and begin the adventure anew, building on the persisting progress of the player’s last character. Piotrowski explains to Gametrailers that “every single character that manages to make its way through the depths builds on the progress of it [the adventure].”

Players will not just adventure, but also engage in hunting/gathering survival gameplay, as well as skill-based combat during which players can be killed in a single hit.

A highly atmospheric game in the vein of Capy’s previous effort, Sword and Sworcery, Below is impatiently anticipated on Xbox One and PC with as yet an unconfirmed release date. You can stay tuned for more on Below in the near future, but, while you wait, you can check out these gorgeous screens below. (Get it?).