New Early Access Beta Released for Lenna’s Inception

You may remember Tom Coxon and Bytten Studio’s Lenna’s Inception from a Screenshot Weekly a couple of months back. We mentioned that a Beta was forthcoming, and we’re pleased to be able to tell you that anyone curious about the procedurally-generated, Link’s Awakening-styled game can download the early access Beta right now.

It’s actually been through a couple of different iterations lately, but the most current build of the beta has added some interesting new elements. For starters, there are now random potions in the game that can help or harm, depending on who drinks them. Or walks in them, as you can spill them on the floor in front of an oncoming enemy mob. If that’s not direct enough for you, feel free to throw them or fire them with your bow. I intend to feed all of my pets by firing their food at them with a bow from now on. On top of that, there are new equipable tunics, which is alright, and a race of sentient bear people, which is awesome.


The Beta also looks interesting in and of itself, with what it brings to the Game Boy Zelda formula it’s drawing inspiration from. Not only do you have top down monster fighting goodness, but you can also get pets to join you while you play through your quest. If mechanics don’t interest you, then the game’s visuals might catch your eye. While it all looks cute and friendly at first, there is some shocking violence and gore in the game that left me feeling uncomfortable about my safety in the world. It was all happy adventures until my character dropped to the floor in a pool of blood, suddenly making me take things more seriously. The blood seems so out of place in this world that, all of a sudden, things seemed a lot more menacing than they had before. It reminded me of Anodyne, a game from 2012 with a similar playstyle and a constant creeping sense of dread.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you want in on, go download the newest version of the Beta and give it a spin. Throw some potions around. Dress up in one of the new tunics Coxon added. Hang out with some bear people. Try taking up and surviving one of the roguelike gameplay challenges. Enjoy the Game Boy aesthetic, and join me in having fun with this exciting game while we wait for its full release.

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