New Details Float in on No Man’s Sky

Last night during Sony’s E3 presser, No Man’s Sky, the insanely beautiful procedurally-generated-open-world-space-journey-simulator, was revealed to be a timed console exclusive on Playstation 4. Today during a Gamespot interview, brand new details on the highly anticipated title were revealed.

In his interview with Gamespot, head of the four-man development team at Hello Games, Sean Murray, asserted the game is not necessarily an ambient experience. The planets and space itself will feature ecosystems; dinosaurs, space-pirates– there is danger and there is objective.

Players can choose to collect and trade resources, fight or form allegiances, and upgrade their spaceship to discover a living, infinite universe. Murray also hints at a “malevolent force in the universe” that will drive the player’s experience, but there are no details on that at this time.

As for story, Murray tells Gamespot that the focus isn’t on a single narrative, but instead on players building their own story through experience and journeying.

Near the end of the interview, Murray refers to the multiplayer features of Journey and Dark Souls as inspiration for No Man’s Sky’ multiplayer, saying Hello Games is “not building an MMO.”

We’ll be bringing you more on the highly ambitious No Man’s Sky as we countdown the undetermined months until release. While you wait for more on No Man’s Sky, feel free to ogle the screenshots below.