Netstorm-Inspired Disciples of the Storm Now on Kickstarter

In almost every RTS, you expect your units to move. After all, something needs to head over to the other guy’s stuff to wreck it, right? You can’t just hope his towers and defenses fall apart from shoddy workmanship. Well, in 1997, Netstorm changed that by making almost every single unit static. You had to build your way over to the enemy’s units using bridges and strategy, and it became a closet hit for many people. Despite its age, it still has a following today, and some of its fans have come together to work on a game inspired by it, called Disciples of the Storm.

The game takes place on the mythical world of Sonus, a world that’s been all but destroyed by a war between the God-like Tempests. This hasn’t exactly left a lot of liveable territory on Sonus, dividing the world up into islands floating within the storm. So, players must ally themselves with one of the Tempests and take down the other worshipers, with each level being complete when you capture and sacrifice the enemy priest in your own temple. Still, getting him to your temple will require smart use of various offensive and defensive buildings in a mingling of tower defense, RTS, and maybe even a little bit of Tetris for your bridge building. When you live on islands floating in a storm, your bridge building better be pretty solid.


Storm Isle Productions is working on the game in collaboration with Longshot Studio, but most impressively for Netstorm fans, they’ve got some members of the original development team. They’ve managed to hire artist Beverly Garland, 3D modeler Morgan Ogburn, and even Netstorm‘s co-creator, Jim Greer. It’s really looking like a labor of love for these people, but games don’t make themselves for free these days, especially when they’re going to be completely free to play when they come out (save for vanity items). They’ve turned to Kickstarter to make at least $50 000 to cover their costs, so if you’re interested in some unique RTS gameplay for $0 down the road, consider donating, or helping spread the word, now.

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  • TafThorne

    They have just kicked off a new kickstarter campaign. Looks like the same group but obviously they have got a bit more done in the last few months. I hope they make it this time, it would be great to see a new version of NetStorm brought to a new generation of gamers. Well OK it was ’97 so really that is about 2 decades of new gamers o_O