Nerdcore Rapper Mega Ran Releases Mega-Lo-Mania Director’s Cut

Former teacher and current nerdcore rapper Mega Ran released an updated trailer for the Director’s Cut version of his personal documentary, Mega-Lo-Mania. Directed by Michael Cordoza, the feature-film delves into the background and musical career of artist Raheem Jarbo a.k.a. Mega Ran. The artist discusses his musical origins in Philadelphia, becoming a teacher, and the origin of his nerdcore persona Mega Ran, through a series of interviews recorded while he toured three different cities, and performed at PAX with soul/funk band The Lo Classics.

Mega-Lo-Mania has already been the recipient of two successful unnamedKickstarter campaigns, with the most recent going to fund the Director’s Cut version. The updated version added extra content to the previous edition, which boosted the total run time from 33 minutes to over 60 minutes. Some of the additional material includes interviews with indie hip-hop artist MURS, nerdcore performer MC Frontalot, Grammy award-winning composer Christopher Tin, and chiptune/rock musician Danimal Cannon. More detailed explanations regarding the origin of the nerdcore music genre and additional performance footage have also been included.

Adding the extra run-time not only provides more material for viewers, but also enables the film itself to utilize wider distribution methods. The extended version will be released to Netflix, Redbox, Amazon, and iTunes in the coming months. In addition, the increased length makes Mega-Lo-Mania eligible to enter a variety of domestic and international film festivals. Those interested in the film can pre-order a copy through Mega Ran’s official website, as well as preview and download his wide catalog of music.

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