Neon Commander – Light Up Some Space Invaders


Neon Commander is the latest game from developers HeroCraft. In it, you’re being invaded by aliens whose only weapons appear to be deadly fireballs, slowly descending spaceships of odd proportions, and snark. Seriously, the aliens are incredibly rude, which seems sort of unnecessary when they’re already bombarding the planet. Still, it makes for some dialogue that is amusing and infuriating in equal turns. Make fun of my laser blasts, will you!

Your only defense against the invaders from space is your finger. Well, your finger and a plasma shield controlled by your finger. But, y’know. Mostly your finger. Your primary method of repelling enemy attacks is a simple line shield. Drawing them at an angle will deflect shots at an angle (crazy, right?), and shots that reach either side of the screen will bounce off, ensuring that your poorly aimed shots won’t go to waste… or that they’ll fall back down and damage you when you’ve turned your attention elsewhere. That becomes more of a worry when your defenses are changed in other levels.

2Instead of a line that rebounds attacks, your finger now generates one circular gravity well at a time. Shots entering the well have their trajectories altered. If you do it right, it will enter at the very top of the circle and reverse its path. Since I never do it right, what actually happens is that they bob on the edges of the well and fall to the city, dealing damage.

Beyond that, there are boss fights, enjoyable music, and annoying ads (which can be removed with a small fee). If you’d like to try it out for yourself, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices, and you can find out more about HeroCraft here

A nerd of elephantine proportions (both figuratively and literally), Connor also writes for Pxlbyte, and has recently come to realize that he is, in actuality, really bad at video games. So he writes about them instead.