NeighborHorde Shambles Through the Greenlight Portal

Someone left the strange portal in closet door open again, and Mom isn’t too thrilled about the hordes of wizards and robots terrorizing the neighborhood. Steam Greenlight has approved  Neighborhorde by Fermenter Games, and a new trailer has been released in order to promote this pixelated shmup featuring four-player co-op.

Neighborhorde_1Neighborhorde is a chaos-infused, cell-shaded cooperative game set in a suburban neighborhood. Strange, purple portals are spawning in every direction  as hordes of robots, wizards and dragons emerge, causing terror to people’s homes. Each character is given a series of strange weapons (which are randomized) including something resembling a Super Soaker, and a guitar that fires geometric lines from its head.  Players are required to fend off these monsters, which take various forms such as a deer, a man with a television for a head, or a platypus-like creature.

Neighborhorde_2The game is a rogue-like arcade platformer, and while it doesn’t have online multiplayer, it features couch co-op.

Neighborhorde is releasing in 2016 for Mac and Windows PCs. For more information about the game, be sure to visit Fermenter Games’s website. Gameplay footage, as well as a brand new trailer, can be seen on the Steam Greenlight page.

Be sure to also check out Fermenter Games on their Twitter and Facebook.

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