Nebulous Takes Physics Puzzles to Space

Traveling through space as an astronaut sounds like many a video game, but it’s a different story when the person in question gets trapped. In Nebulous, it’s up to the player to help him get home with the help of physics and gravity.

Commander Dash Johnson suffers an unfortunate fate as he is pulled into a strange wormhole, ending up trapped in giant space mazes with even more wormholes. The player’s goal is to get him to each wormhole at the end of every puzzle, hoping they will eventually send the astronaut home. There are five “playfields” in every level, and the primary means of interaction is through rotating the entire space. Next, there are a few objects to use as tools, such as bouncy aliens, conveyor belts, trampolines, and more.


Once the set up is done, Johnson starts free falling, bouncing off the various objects and instruments. He may plummet to his death, get incinerated by lasers, or comically bounce off alien objects, all the while giving some vocal feedback. For more immersion, people who own the Oculus Rift VR headset can use it to play Nebulous hands-free, by tilting their head and looking at the objects instead.

Namazu Studios is currently campaigning for distribution on Steam via the Greenlight process.¬†There are threads on Steam for a Q&A about the game as well as a space for taking suggestions from players. For more information, be sure to check out the studio’s website.

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