NavPoint Lets Players Guide Ships Safely to Port

With the frustrations and minutiae that are inherent in boarding planes (at least in America), it’s often all too easy to forget how complicated the whole business of flight is to actually organize. NavPoint, from developer Ross Edgar, along with Plug-in Digital, puts players in charge of that same amount of organization…in space.

NavPoint features a lot of issues that spaceports in the far future will likely actually have to deal with, beyond the kind of problems one would expect from space; things like pirates and tons of refugees, for example. There are also problems that occur in transportation even now, like a huge celebrity coming to visit. Players are asked to cope with all of these threats to their Traffic Control Station over the course of the game.

NavPoint screenshot

At the player’s command is a fleet of “Police Frigates, Customs Clippers and Tugboats,” which the player uses to guide a variety of ships safely into port. As time goes by, they have to worry both about upgrading their docks and making sure that what they already have is refueled and repaired.

NavPoint¬†is out now for Windows PCs only. It can be purchased through Steam at a current launch discount price of $4.49 USD, or later, at the regular price of $4.99. Those interested can also check out Plug-in Digital’s website¬†to see how their publishing and distribution program works.

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