Nathen Meunier’s Touchfight Games Announces Debut Title – Go To Bed

Nathan Meunier – freelance writer, game journalist, and now video game developer – recently co-formed the indie studio Touchfight Games, and is proud to announce their debut title Go To Bed.


You play as a young boy who’s been sent to bed by his cranky mother, but as you lie in the darkness of the night, an evil emerges from all corners – shadow wolves, disembodied hands, and other horribly haunting things want to touch you. But, you must touch them first!

Aside from the brief 30 second teaser trailer for Go To Bed, there doesn’t seem to be any gameplay footage yet. What the teaser does show us is it’s dark, black and white children’s book illustrative style by Leonard Kenyon (that whispers hints of Edward Gorey), and some disjointed, shadowy hands creeping along the walls of the bedroom towards the boy in bed.


Touchfight describes the game as a “bedroom defense” horror game about evil. You’ll touch, swipe, and flick the shadowy limbs away, defending the boy from the evil that surrounds him. The team believes this debut title will be the best way to represent their “quirky games for quirky people” motto.

It’s fascinating and rewarding to see a game journalist and published novelist turn to the medium he so obviously loves, to express his latest endeavor with. You can learn more about Meunier and his work here at his official website.

Go To Bed is appropriately set to be released in time for Halloween 2014 on iOS devices.

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