Napoleonic Fury Abounds in Rounded Strategy

NowaHutaGames’s newest game, Rounded Strategy, is a 2-D turn-based strategy game designed with simplicity in mind. Players are put into the shoes of a general for either Napoleon Bonaparte or the Duke of Wellington, and must rely on tactical skills to bring victory for their respective leader. The game features a morale system, which is crucial as a unit’s morale is the essential to victory in battle. Each regiment’s morale can be broken, and when this happens a unit either panics or surrenders. If they have no place to retreat, they’re taken as prisoners and the entire unit is destroyed.


There are currently 10 types of units bundled into four categories: infantry, cavalry, artillery, and traps. Infantry units are useful during close combat and shooting phases; they can form a square formation which is effective against a charging cavalry unit. Cavalry units hit hard and fast, and artillery are long distance demolishers that can take down a regiment with one shot. Each unit can be joined by an officer who will improve their stats and add additional skills. Players can upgrade their units by leveling; this allows them to unlock stronger regiments, better equipment, and officers. To gain more units, players will need to acquire gold, the in-game currency.


Rounded Strategy is out now for Android via  Google play, Amazon, and Kongregate. The game is free to play with no micro transactions. NowaHutaGames is also bringing the game to iOS later , though no date has been announced. To learn more about the game and its developer visit the official website.

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