‘My Singing Monsters’ Promises A Groovy World Building Experience

My Singing Monsters Banner

Games that put a lot of emphasis on a solid soundtrack have really found a niche on the iOS lately.  Gauge, Go Robo! and Gluddle, just to name a few, are all great titles that would have been a lot less awesome had the developers not put a lot of work into the music.  My Singing Monsters, the upcoming project from Big Blue Bubble, is just another example of how awesome a groovy beat can make an iOS title.

My Singing Monsters is, at its core, a simple world builder.  World builders are a dime a dozen on the App Store, and to be honest, most of them are nothing to get excited about.  But what makes this game stand out amongst its peers is, well, all of the singing monsters.  In each world it will be your job to collect and breed dozens of different creatures, each of which has its own voice and rhythm.  You’ll single-handedly shape the game’s musical score through the monsters you populate your lands with.  Ideally, this means that no two players will experience the same soundtrack.  It sounds like a tall order, but it looks pretty nifty from what we’ve seen so far.

Big Blue Bubble has a history of creating music-centric games.  In 2010 they released the quirky Thumpies, another monstrous rhythm title which was well received.

There’s no release date for My Singing Monsters as of yet, but its App Store debut should not be too far off.  When the game does release, it will be free-to-play.

You can learn more about Big Blue Bubble on their official website.