Mushroom 11 Offers First Level for Pre-orders

Untame’s new game, Mushroom 11, is a puzzle platformer where the goal, instead of collecting items for points, has you directing an amorphous blob around different areas, destroying its own cells in order to advance in different areas. In some cases this may mean simply disassembling a bit in order to get through a tight spot, or it may mean leaving parts of the blob behind due to other dangers or enemy attacks. Playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, Mushroom 11 brings a new type of intuitive control to the table, with players using their mouse or track pad to push and direct the playable mass through the environment.

Time-sensitive escapes similar to traditional platformers

Time-sensitive escapes similar to traditional platformers

Untame is offering two packages for the Mushroom 11 pre-order on the Humble Store. The first tier is $19.99, and features the full game both DRM-free and with a Steam Key, as well as two digital wallpapers. The second tier, $34.99, includes everything from the first package, with the additional inclusion of the OST, featuring music by Future Sound of London. Both packages also include access to the entire first level of Mushroom 11 as a bonus preview to tide players over until the game’s release early next year.

Sorry, arachnophobes - there are spiders here, too.

Sorry, arachnophobes – there are spiders here, too

You can add Mushroom 11 to your Steam watch list to be notified of its official release at the store page. Visit the Mushroom 11 website to find out more information about the game, and to pre-order. You can “like” the game’s page on Facebook, or follow Untame on Twitter, to keep abreast via social media, or even follow the devblog on Tumblr.

Will you be pre-ordering Mushroom 11? Have an opinion about the game? Tell us in the comments!

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