Murderer Online Challenges Players to Hide or Die on the Go

For those who like to feel fear on the move, Murderer Online — an online, asymmetric survival-horror game developed by 1GAMES — just released on Google Play, free of charge. An iOS version doesn’t yet exist, but it sounds like something is in the works.

The concept of the game is either to murder someone (suddenly, the title makes sense), or to run and hide in fear. That’s about as asymmetric as it gets. Whether players assume their role as either a murderer or a potential victim, otherwise referred to as ‘fugitives,’ is randomly selected.


As the fugitives, there are a few abilities to increase the chance of survival. They can hide around the abandoned hospital where Murderer Online┬áis set (under beds and desks, for example) and can also turn invisible for short periods of time. In addition, players will be able to judge the positions of murderers, or other fugitives, by the ‘color of their heart.’ As an added bonus, fugitives can see what the murderers see using an ability known as ‘view-jacking,’ possibly inspired by Siren, the popular Asian horror series which shared a similar feature.

While playing as a murderer, gamers will be able to choose between 10 characters, and gain points by killing the fugitives. These points can then be used to upgrade the attack and speed stats of the chosen killer, or saved and put towards competing against fellow murderers in something mysteriously titled, ‘Rumble Mode.’


Whether players are looking to slice ‘n’ dice or shake with fear and adrenaline, Murderer Online is available for free now on Android devices. For more information on the game, including news concerning an iOS version, check out the 1GAMES website, or ‘like’ the game’s Facebook page.