Murder and Mayhem Redux: Shadows on the Vatican Act II

Hold on to your hats, mystery lovers, because the acclaimed PC game Shadows on the Vatican is about to release a second installment. Created by Italian developers Adventure Productions and 10th Art Studio, the games are based on the bestselling novel In God’s Name by David Yallop, and inspired by real-life events from recent history.

The series is expected to include four acts. The original game, Act I: Greed, introduced ex-priest James Murphy, who left the Church to become a doctor. He was visiting the Vatican when his friend Cristoforo called on him for help. The disappearance of compromising documents, the involvement of the Vatican in the events, and the way the whole thing seemed to connect to his own past sent James on a quest to solve the mystery.


Now, Act II: Wrath will introduce a new character, Silvia, who is on the run from someone who hired her to kill James. With the local underworld out to get them both, her only hope is to forge an alliance with her would-be victim. The unlikely pair must work together to unravel the mystery and protect their lives.

These point-and-click puzzle adventure games alternate between HD action scenes and comic book-style exposition. This is perhaps unsurprising, since art direction is provided by Lorenzo Ruggiero, of Marvel and DC Comics fame. With challenging, well-integrated puzzles and a complex storyline, “the game takes its players on an immersive adventure full of mystery and intrigue.”


The original game is in the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight. A single-player experience, it’s available in English, German, and Italian. Act II: Wrath is set to launch on March 21st, and is available for preorder on Zodiac; they’re also offering a deluxe version which includes both games, available for a special price until launch day.

Watch additional trailers for these and other projects on the developer’s YouTube channel, and keep tabs on all the latest Shadows on the Vatican news on the official Facebook page.

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