Munin Spreads His Wings and Lands on iPad

Last month, IGM announced the imminent debut of Munin, a 2D puzzle platformer for the PC. Set in the world of the ancient Vikings, it follows the adventures of the titular Munin, one of Odin’s two loyal messengers. When Loki does his usual Loki thing and turns the raven Munin into a little girl, the poor fellow must make his way through the nine worlds of Yggdrasil to recover his lost feathers. Only they can help him return to his proper form.


Munin was the debut project of Portuguese developer Gojira and published by German developer Daedalic Entertainment. Its 77 levels interweave Norse mythology with challenging puzzles, and employ both side-scrolling action and perspective magic. Its main downside was its limited availability – only PC gamers could voyage through this Scandinavian odyssey.

Now, Daedalic Entertainment and Gojira are pleased to announce that this is no longer the case. This week, Munin debuted on the iPad, making him a perfect companion for mobile game enthusiasts. The many levels promise at least seven hours of gameplay, making the $2.99 US price tag a solid value. The portability of the iPad enhances one aspect of Munin in particular – instead of rotating items on the screen as in the PC version, simply rotate the entire iPad to allow water or lava to flow downhill, or cause a rock to plummet into the depths. Players need not fear getting lost, though, because ancient Norse runes will always help you find your way.


Download Munin on the Apple App Store, and follow Daedalic Entertainment on Facebook and Twitter for future announcements about Munin’s further adventures.

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