Multiverse Adds New Content, Game Modes to Out There: Ω Edition

Back in 2013, studio Mi-Clos presented players with the harsh – or pleasant? – feeling of being completely alone in space. In Out There, which features a text-based storyline, players must explore an unknown galaxy with nothing other than their ship, some upgrades, and the ability to learn new languages to talk to creatures from different worlds. There is no combat, no action, just time to enjoy or to fear the solitude of space, and finally find your way back home in the end…or not.


Mi-Clos announced a series of updates to the Omega Version of the game which will be called Multiverse. As usual, these updates will correct bugs and make general enhancements to gameplay, but will also add brand new content and game modes to Out There. “Now that we have solid and versatile foundations, three years of player feedback, and our own ideas, we have decided to expand the original experience that Out There is offering,” said Mi-Clos’s Michael in a press release.

The first update will be called Cemetery Gates, and will add the long-awaited Easy Mode. In the same release, Michael said “We think that it’s a shame some people are not able to experience our game, or get quite frustrated because of its evil difficulty.” They are also adding rings around the gas giants; these may or may not be just a cosmetic addition. Last but not least, the new Cemetery Gates Mode will let players find, scavenge, or even take over their last 10 ships lost in previous runs.


Multiverse I – Cemetery Gates will be a free update for both mobile platforms – iOS and Android – and PC on Steam. Its release date is set to early October. For further information, visit the game’s official website, or follow the developers on Twitter.

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