Muffin Knight Review

You are a daring knight, unafraid of anything, and willing to take on any challenge. Your only objective:  To retrieve your delicious muffins! Meet the Muffin Knight (by Angry Mob Games)- a fast paced game costing $0.99.

When you first open the game, it shows this little back story. The gist of the story is about this boy who is walking in the woods, finds a basket of muffins, and tries to eats them, but they fly away. Then a magical fairy or witch turns him into a knight to retrieve the magical muffins. The storyline is creative, but a bit cliche as well. This game is almost exactly like Super Crate Box, in which once you get a crate, or muffin in this case, it changes your weapon while another one appears on the map. Some of the characters are pretty nice, like a dragon, which is used like a flamethrower, but some characters just make you want to wince. For example, Muffin Knight features a unicorn that poops out rainbow-colored/explosive poop. If you want to see the similarity between the two games, watch the gameplay trailer for Muffin Knight.

A friend recommended this game to me after he saw me playing Super Crate Box, and then said that it looked almost exactly like Muffin Knight, except that Muffin Knight had better graphics. It would be hard to argue with him. These graphics were amazing HD graphics, however, the music was extremely repetitive.

One thing that was mentioned in the trailer is that that this game had a multiplayer option, where you could play with your friends over Gamecenter, or if you use the local Wi-Fi. Muffin Knight has cross-platform multiplayer, as well. For example, an iPhone user can easily play with an Android user. I have in fact tried the multiplayer option. At first the gameplay ran smoothly, but then it started to lag quite a bit. At one point, my friend and I had to end the game and play something else because it was impossible to play with such a slow connection.

The objective of multiplayer is to get more muffins than your opponent. Whoever is not only the last person standing, but has the most muffins, too, wins. However, if you die and have more muffins than your friend, your friend has to get more muffins for the round to end. This made the game much more interactive.

Overall, this was a deliciously sparring game! The superb graphics and unique multiplayer gameplay made it a great app. There is an IAP offer in which you can buy points to upgrade your character, give it a new look, and even give it new features! However, if you wish, you can use the points in the game instead.

[review pros=”Addictive, fun, and great multiplayer” cons=”Frame rate issues” score=80]