‘Mosquito’s Insomnia’ Shows Mosquitoes Don’t Like Us Either!

Mean Mob‘s breaking into the mobile market with their witty new title Mosquito’s Insomnia and on pure wit alone it deserves more than a second look. Although the game was released quite awhile ago, it’s flown reletively under the radar, so we’re here to shed a few more shards of light on Mean Mob’s retro retro throwback.

While the gameplay is a simple touch to pop defense game, in much the same way as Angry Birds is a simple demolition game, the charm of the title lies in the way its presented and it is quite charming. In Mosquito’s Insomnia the roles are reversed, with you squishing tiny little flying humans with your finger as well as nabbing sleeping pills in order to keep a slumbering mosquito complete with adorable little nightcap fast asleep for as long as possible. When a developer manages to get you to sympathize with a mosquito you know they are doing something witty, clever, and new.  To further the charm already packed into the game, it’s all rendered in high quality pixel art reminiscent of the SNES and Sega Genesis late 32 bit era.

Essentially Mean Mob has given us an original, amusing, and somewhat satirical wrapper around a tried and true central gameplay concept that provides fun accessible entertainment all for just under a buck on the iOS App Store. Fans out there should have a change to win a free copy of the game which is now a part of the Summer iOSAPPalooza which we will also be covering here at IGM Mobile.

From what I have seen already I personally expect some great things from these guys, and intend to be keeping up with them on their official website. If you want more info on Mosquito’s Insomnia or their upcoming project Shooter II head over there!