Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock Crash Lands on Mobile

Developer Red Herring Labs and Phoenix Online Publishing are bringing Red Herring’s sci-fi game, Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock to mobile devices.

For those who never played or have not heard about the game before, Morningstar follows the trials of Powell, a hired worker who crash-lands on an previously unknown planet. His mission quickly becomes one of survival, and trying to get himself, the ship Morningstar, and his crew through the planet’s abnormal gravity to escape the planet. As they explore, the only hint of life is the husk of a larger ship and its crew. Despite the apparent lack of life on the planet, it becomes clear that the crash is not what killed the crew of the other ship, raising the question of what did.


Play consists of standard adventure game point-and-click, as well as the usual suite of collectible, usable items to test on the environment. This version of the game has been remastered in HD, which extends to the game’s cinematics. In addition, the game is fully voice-acted, meaning the planet Deadrock should be as creepy as the developer can manage.

The game is out now for both iOS and Android, and those interested can purchase the game from either iTunes or Google Play for $3.99 USD. The game can also be purchased from the publisher’s storefront, where it is available for Windows and Mac PCs for $9.99. Those interested in learning more about the developer can check out their website as well.

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