‘Moops’ Announced For May 2012 Release


Red Radiant Media have announced their new platformer title, Moops, which will be bringing its cartoon charm to the App Store in May 2012.

Any game that looks like it comes straight out of a cartoon is top dollar in our books. Moops is just that and with its announcement we find ourselves rather taken with it. The game’s developers, Red Radiant Media, have ex-staff from the likes of Irrational Games and Realtime Worlds, so they certainly know how to bring a project life, as is evidenced with Moops.

As you can see from the above screenshot, Moops is a cartoon style action platformer. The aim of the game is to traverse the 18 varied levels in order to rid the town of Moopville of the many critters that have over run it. There are 12 different weapons to collect and use, many secrets to unlock and two playable characters. There’s no gameplay to be looked at yet but we can give you another screenshot so that will have to suffice for now.


You can expect to see Moops pop up in the App Store sometime this coming May and you should look out for more information as it comes over on the official website.