Moody Adventure Title ‘Harvest’ Seeks Kickstarter Funding

Gondefire Productions have just passed the halfway point of their Kickstarter campaign to fund Harvest, a sci-fi noir detective adventure game. At the time of writing, the funding stands at $5,648 of the $10,000 target with 13 days of campaign time remaining. Gondefire‘s previous title, Castle Draculawas successfully funded in a smaller scale funding drive at the end of last year, and was reviewed positively here at IGM.

Harvest‘s premise is that a chemical war has resulted in widespread infertility for humankind. Those who remain able to produce offspring become rare and essential for the continuation of the human race, however they begin to mysteriously disappear, making humanity’s chances of survival yet more perilous. You take the role of a noir-styled, trenchcoat-wearing detective in futuristic Detroit, on the hunt for answers, looking to save mankind. Yes, your as-yet unnamed character has a huge burden on his shoulders.


Gondefire Productions refer to Harvest as a 2D graphic adventure, which most likely means the majority of the investigative gameplay and puzzle solving will take place against static backdrops. Furthermore, in the vein of classics of the genre, menu-based interaction is key, with commands such as Move, Look, and Investigate allowing you to explore and observe the environments. Environments, I might add, which look absolutely beautifully rendered and really capture a great sci-fi aesthetic. In their Kickstarter write-up, Gondefire also promise some “action sequences”, but it is as yet unknown how these will take shape in the game.


If you’re interested in what you’ve seen of Harvest, the Kickstarter campaign is well worth checking out. There’s still just under a fortnight left of funding, and some cool backer incentives up for grabs, so why not get involved? You can follow @GondefireP on Twitter for updates too.