MontrealX – Subaeria (Illogika)

I’ve been gaming for a long while now – about 23 years to be exact. In all that time, I’ve come across every genre and genre amalgam the gaming sector has ever churned out. That is, until I came across Subaeria, anyway. The game is, as the developers at Illogika put it, a “procedural death labyrinth”. In more common terms, that equates to a rogue-like puzzle-platformer. The team is targeting the FTL and Binding of Isaac crowd with this project, so if those games were your speed, Subaeria will likely appeal to you.


The game asks players to “discover a dystopian world gangrened by social inequalities and ultra-consumerism”. They do so by exploring a series of rooms, each one presenting its own puzzle-platforming segments to solve. The environment itself becomes a puzzle, but in addition to that, players will need to think tactically to defeat enemies blocking their path. The way a typical room functions is as follows: Players will encounter enemies known as “cleaning” robots that are assigned a certain color. These robots can only be destroyed when interacting with an energy field of a specified color. This means the player must puzzle their way to forcing the robot into the correct dangerous energy beam or, in some cases, first adjust the beam’s color, otherwise¬† the robot will be immune to damage.


Illogika was also quick to point out that Subaeria is very much story-driven, taking a humorous approach to serious themes, while also taking player choice into account. The game features several playable characters, and switching between them offers a different perspective on the world, as each character plays a different role in society. The devs estimate that each character will provide about 1-2 hours of gameplay each to complete their individual stories.


Subaeria‘s development was made possible in part thanks to funding from the Canada Media Fund. It is scheduled to release on PC in mid-2015. Additional information about the game can be found on the developer’s website, as well as Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to keep an eye out for future MontrealX previews all week long by bookmarking this page.

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