Monochromatic Puzzler ‘Eclipsed’ now on Kickstarter

Independent developer Christ Laurenz Sambrano just launched a crowdfunding campaign for his monochromatic puzzle game, titled Eclipsed. The Kickstarter is looking to raise $7,000 CAD by February 25, 2015.

Eclipsed is a platforming game about a little guy who has somehow stumbled into a greyscale world. Interestingly enough, parts of the world only exist while they are lit- if an area is left in the dark, players can move through it freely as though it were empty space. The game’s “painted greyscale/monochromatic” aesthetic was chosen to complement the rather unique design choice. The soundtrack features music by Kevin MacLeod, whom you may already know from Kerbal Space Program or The Stanley Parable. His music is intended to capture the sinister-yet-wondrous feel that Eclipsed invokes as you play. cc5318bb5e14096bd2cf70d9fba82f20_large

Much of its design revolves around the Major Arcana of a Tarot Deck. Essentially, each Major Arcana card depicts an artistic scene which Christ has interpreted and used to shape the game’s design. For example, “The Fool” represents a child and thus the start of a new journey, while “The High Priestess” represents belief and thus allows you to meet a friend in the game (co-op!).

Though the developer is only looking for $7,000 in pledges, stretch goals include ports to Mac and Linux at $8,500, multi-lingual support at $11,000, and a mobile version at $20,000.


A free Beta copy of Eclipsed is available for demo purposes on the developer’s website. If you’re interested in backing the campaign, you can snag a copy of the game for just $5CAD.