Minesweeper meets Guilty Gear in ManaCollect

Opening up the history books of game design and turning to the mechanics of Minesweeper, developer Tazigen Clock with publisher Fruitbat Factory announced their new game, ManaCollect. Take the basic number puzzles of Minesweeper, add in some tactical elements along with 2-player local multiplayer, and mix in plenty of anime style artwork, and gamers will start to get a sense of what ManaCollect is offering.

ManaCollect SS - 03

Players select from 1 of 10 playable characters and can either adventure through a 4-chapter, single player storyline mode, or engage in some competitive multiplayer. Characters face off in a grid-like arena to solve number puzzles in a race to find the hidden mana caches in order to execute unique special attacks. Opponents must be drained of their mana supply to secure a win.

ManaCollect SS - 02

Button mashers may find it more difficult to smash their way to victory in ManaCollect, as quick thinking and following the numbered hints seem to be the key strategies for the pseudo fighting game. Currently priced at $6.99 and set to release this spring, ManaCollect will be available on Windows PCs through Steam. Players can find additional details and gameplay footage on the official Steam page.

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