Militia: Turn-Based Strategy Game With Chess-Like Rules

Militia is an upcoming strategy game by BrainGoodGames, seeking to provide a suitable challenge using simple and easy to understand rules. Inspired by strategy games with strict movement sets, like chess, the game employs a simple grid-map and uses 2D symbols to represent enemy and allied pieces.


Militia puts the player in charge of their own group of warriors, mages, cavalry, and more. The player is then tasked with routing bandits raiding the area and dispatching one of their captains. Gameplay is turn-based, allowing the player to issue a command to each of their units before the enemies all make a move. Different classes also have different movement rules or special abilities that allow for different strategies and require some practice to master.

Warriors, for example, move simply but can use cleave to attack 3 horizontal spaces next to it. Cavalry can instead leap one space away and attack in a 2 space vertical line, granting reach. Each class has its own unique abilities that either directly affect the enemy, or can provide support for their allies, which allows for extra attacks and combos. Enemies will also have their own set of movement patterns, though with random variances to keep players careful. Orcs, for example, will move one space up, down, left, or right randomly, though they will always attack an opponent next to them.


Militia is a single player game that allows for endless play with a ladder ranking system, and a challenge that evolves as the player progresses upwards. The game will release on December 2nd on Steam for PC and on Google Play for Android, and will come with the Dark World expansion free, which introduces a completely new set of enemies and allies. For more information, follow BrainGoodGames on Twitter, or “like” the Facebook page.

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