Might & Delight Gleefully Turns Publisher


Might & Delight, the Swedish studio behind Shelterhas announced that they are moving into publishing. The studio has not had the resources to offer publishing services until recently, but now intend to help promising indie games reach their full potential.

They are looking for games that share their creative vision, with strong artistic style, powerful narrative, and mechanics that drive the experience. They would also like submissions that are PC-focused, with porting potential. Most of all, they are looking for passionate teams who want to do exciting things with the medium, with artistically-driven projects and an experimental edge. They are open to contact from developers at

COO Vic Bassey says, “there is an immense amount of top quality talent out there and we would love to help some of those [games] see the light of day by offering our support and services as a publisher.”

The studio has recently featured on IGM with the in-development virtual reality title Child of Cooperwhich has unfortunately been cancelled. A blog post explaining the situation is available here.


For more information on the studio and their games, visit Might & Delight’s website, Facebook, or Twitter. Check out specific information on their new publishing services here. Might & Delight’s projects are available on Steam.