Microids and Paul Cuisset Launch Kickstarter for New Adventure Game

Indie publisher Microids and Paul Cuisset, well renowned designer of adventure games, have teamed up and launched a 30 day Kickstarter for a new project. That project is called Subject 13, a new 3D adventure-puzzle game that will take gamers on a gripping journey.

In Subject 13, players assume the role of Franklin Fargo – quite possibly the best name ever – a troubled scientist who spends every day in misery since the death of his wife. Then one day Franklin awakens to find himself in a small room with a foggy head and unsure of how he got into his current predicament. A voice speaks to him and tells him to not worry, and a hologram pops up that reads “Hexatech Labs,” and Franklin soon finds himself being called by a new name: Subject 13.

Subject 13

Subject 13 is an immersive, 3D adventure game where players must navigate Franklin through various locations in hopes of solving the mystery he has awoken in. Gather objects and use your smarts, while choosing dialogue options wisely as you resolve the situation at hand.

Subject 13 started out as a concept and programming experiment that soon became Paul Cuisset’s obsession. An obsession he could not put down and wants to bring fully into realization. We realized we needed assistance from players to realize the game’s potential and we are asking for Kickstarter supporters to help us create an expression of pure adventure gaming,” said Paul.

Head over to the Kickstarter page for some more information, including details on the sweet, sweet rewards that supporters can receive, and if you like what you see but can’t pledge directly, help spread the word about Subject 13. 

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