Metroidvania Indie ‘Zombie Mode’ Kickstarting Development

zombie mode

Minnesota developer Cocky Culture is crowdfunding for their newest game, Zombie Mode. The game is a Metroidvania style platformer with an undead theme. A playable demo is currently available for the game.

Tony Dimovski, the man behind Cocky Culture, has been working on the game alone. From the Kickstarter page: “Up until now this has been a one-person project. I’m Kickstarting now, not only to complete Zombie Mode and bring it to as many platforms as I can, but also to engage the community to help make the experience better. I want Zombie Mode to be the best game it can be, and I’m sure together, with your help, it will!”

You start the game in a randomly generated room that will fill with zombies. There are three different gameplay types, a standard horde-like mode, a hazard mode where the room has an environmental hazard, and a boss fight. The demo provides access to four of the game’s rooms, two faces, and a nice handful of weapons for you to rampage with. There is also controller support for the demo and full game.

Upon successful funding and completion of the game, Zombie Mode will be released for PC, iOS, Android, Ouya, “and more”, according to the developer. What “and more” entails is ambiguous. The game is available for voting on Steam Greenlight. You can check out more info on the game and donate on Zombie Mode‘s Kickstarter Page.