Mess Around in an Indie Developer’s Head in One Dreamer

One Dreamer is an adventure game with a psychological twist. The story follows an aspiring independent game developer named Frank who’s looking for inspiration for his latest project. Frank finds this by entering a world he’s created within his own consciousness. The deeper Frank goes, the more disconnected he becomes from reality.


When Frank wakes up, he is in a ‘reality state,’ and this is represented in-game as more of a detective-esque stye. The player will wander around interacting with objects as well as solving puzzles. While awake, Frank can work on his project, respond to emails, surf the web, and do other mundane tasks. Interacting with objects will play an important role as it will affect how the game ends.


When Frank is asleep, however, he’ll be in a ‘dream state.’  This is where the gameplay changes to better suit the setting of his dreams. Players will experience platformer elements, interactive cinematics, and a stealth system. Minor gameplay elements will include character switching and item crafting. Just as in the ‘reality state’ the actions done while Frank is dreaming will also affect the game’s ending.

One Dreamer is looking  for a 2016 release on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam if the project is Greenlit.  If the game is backed successfully, it will be released on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Those interested in supporting the game can do so on Kickstarter. To learn more, be sure to visit the game’s official website.

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