Merge Games Announces Collectible Indie Boxed Copies Including ‘The Basement Collection’

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Merge Games has announced that it will be offering indie box sets of three classic indie titles including ‘Botanicula’, ‘Chaos on Deponia’, and ‘The Basement Collection’. All three are available from Merge Games official website. Included with each title will be a disk version of the game and a few collectible goodies, such as art, soundtracks, Steam keys for ‘Botanicula’ and ‘Chaos on Deponia’, and a copy of ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ with ‘The Basement Collection’.

‘Botanicula’ and ‘Deponia’ are available for shipment immediately, while ‘The Basement Collection’ will not be available for shipment until March 8th. ‘The Basement Collection’ will also include a collectible concept art booklet, featuring the iconic art of Edmund McMillen, creator of indie classics ‘Super Meat Boy’ and ‘The Binding of Isaac’. ‘Chaos on Deponia’ will include a soundtrack and exclusive sticker. ‘Botanicula’ will ship with a soundtrack and a few pieces of concept art.

Merge Games

 Merge Games is offering all three games separately, but will provide discounts for those who decide to buy multiple games. The offer provides the sought after “collector’s edition”, which has gained popularity in recent years, but is often not produced for indie games.

All three games were released last year and could be considered the “creme de la crop” of last years releases. If you want more info on the titles featured in the sale you can check out our review of ‘Chaos on Deponia’, our ‘Botanicula’ review, and our ‘The Basement Collection’ review; all of which received ratings well over 90%.

So if you are a fan of any of these games or interested in collecting some indie game merchandise, head over to Merge Games and take a look at these classic indie box editions. As always, keep it here for all your indie gaming news, reviews, previews and more, right here at