Meet the Team Behind Secret Ponchos in This New Documentary

Secret Ponchos is a competitive, arena-style PvP shootout set in a highly-detailed Wild West environment. The team behind it, Switchblade Monkeys, spent five years developing the project, which has been released on PS4 and in an expanded and updated PC iteration.

Switchblade Monkeys is a very small studio that was launched into intensive full time development when their pitch was picked up by Sony. Pebble Studio’s documentary, Small Team Big Dream – The Journey of Secret Ponchos, takes a look back at this process.

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The documentary provides an insight into the round-the-clock commitment required to develop a game as part of such a small studio, and explores the emotional impact of struggling to make a game the best it can be. The movie has a personal approach, as Pebble encourages Yousuf Mapara (Creative Director), Tony Tsang (Lead 3D Artist), Chris Gillrie (Lead Musician), and Jared Fry (Lead Character Artist) to talk about their backgrounds; they’re also filmed at their favorite pastimes. Small Team Big Dream is a look at the difficulties that go into indie production, but mostly at the personalities and relationships that went into creating Secret Ponchos. 


Secret Ponchos is available on Steam for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8 plus for $14.99, or on PS4. For more information check out the game’s website, Facebook, or YouTube, and head over to Switchblade Monkeys’ Twitter.