Medieval Engineers Gets Early Access Release Date

Earlier today, Indie developer Keen Software House, creators of the hit game Space Engineers, announced the Steam Early Access release date of their second sandbox “engineering” game, Medieval Engineers. The game is promised to be in an already playable state, and is set for Early Access release in order to reach out and receive as much community feedback as possible to expand the game’s capabilities.


Medieval Engineers will look and feel familiar to the earlier game, except for the evident fact that players will be building castles, towers, trebuchets, and other devices using medieval technology. Players will have the power to build and fortify cities, create mechanical engines, and perform underground mining. Keen Software House also promises that even though the game is ready to play, it will continue to receive updates with added features before it is ultimately optimized and completed. “We want to assure our players that our team will do its best to keep up the hard work,” said Marek Rosa, CEO and Founder of Keen Software House. He also added that developing two Early Access games simultaneously would not have a negative impact on development.


Medieval Engineers will be available through Steam Early Access on February 19th, 2015 for PC. For more information, gamers can follow the game’s progress and development on Twitter and Facebook.

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