Maya the Bee finds her way onto mobile platforms

Back in 1912, author Waldemar Bonsels published his children’s book Maya the Bee (or Die Biene Maja), fast forward half a year (give or take) and Maya was picked up and developed as a popular anime television series. Fast forward a few more decades, and Maya is reinvented as a 3D animation show by Studio 100. With that brief history lesson covered, let’s move over to some gaming themed pseudo-science: What do you get when you splice this 100 year-old franchise with something like, oh say, Nintendo’s Pikmin? Well you get Maya the Bee: The Ant’s QuestScreen2

In this strategy-adventure game, you will be taking control of the eponymous Maya on her quest to save the Ant Queen, who has been infected by a virus. In order to do so, Maya must call upon the help of different kinds of ants in order to gather fruits to generate a vaccine.

Set in the world of Studio 100’s show, Maya appears to be great for kids (or adults who just enjoy a bit of kid’s TV) who are fans of the show. The game features some casual strategy elements, with Maya controlling different ants similar to the way Pikmin has Captain Olimar control his army of multicolored… plant-things.

All in all, Maya looks to be the perfect distraction for both fans of the show and fans of casual strategy games. You can find it now on Google Play or the App Store.