May PlayStation Plus Deal Offers Free Indie Games


As the month of April comes to a close, I know many PlayStation Plus members have at least one question on their minds: What’s on the lineup of free games in May? Well, I’m here to tell you, but you’ll forgive me if I focus on the indie stuff. It’s just more fun that way.

Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition by DrinkBox Studios will be available for free on PS4. Already popular amongst gamers, the game is a 2D platformer and brawler that uses colorful graphics and an artistic design inspired by Mexican culture. The game also features drop-in, drop-out co-op.

Ether One is a brand new game for PS4 developed by White Paper Games. The game is a first person puzzler that tasks players with restoring the minds of the mentally ill. The game offers a haunting setting as players dive into the fragmented minds of patients to understand their personal perspective on life.

The Unfinished Swan comes to PS3/PS4/PS Vita primarily from Giant Sparrow, with collaborative efforts provided by SCE Santa Monica Studio, and Armature Studio. Players must try to find a fitting end to a fairy tale that hasn’t quite finished yet.

Race the Sun is a minimalist racing game for PS3/PS4/PS Vita challenging players to, as the name states, race against the setting sun. Developed by Flippfly, the game is considered both deeply calming and nail-biting during different sessions.

Hohokum comes to PS Vita/PS4/PS3 users as a collaboration between Honeyslug and SCE Santa Monica Studio. The game allows players to explore a truly unique and colorful world, meeting new friends, and listening to a varied soundtrack by many talented artists.

Murasaki Baby comes to PS Vita from Ovosonico, offering a cute and weird (weirdly cute? cutely weird?) puzzle game. Players guide Baby, the protagonist, through a terrifying landscape as he searches for home.

What are your thoughts about May’s lineup of free indie content? Leave a comment below!

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