Masthead Studios and TheGameWall Studio Announce Publishing Partnership

Masthead Studios recently entered into a publishing agreement with indie games publisher, TheGameWall Studios. The agreement will have Masthead Studios oversee a number of duties for free-to-play title, Guns and Robots.

TGW logoTheGameWall Studios will manage sales, distribution channels, and investing in marketing. The main focus on the publisher’s effort is to ensure that the developers are able to focus on creating games. Atanas Atanasov, CEO of Masthead Studios, stated, “We are excited to be working with TheGameWall Studios and happy this opportunity presented itself. It is great to meet publisher[sic] who is as passionate as we are about our game.”

Eduardo Monteiro, Founder at TheGameWall Studios, also provided a statement, saying that, “Guns and Robots has already proven to be a massive hit, TheGameWall will make sure it reaches all the success it deserves.” TheGameWall Studios opened earlier this year, and has since actively sought out new games to publish, including those that are still under development.

Masthead_Logo_WThis partnership follows the successful Greenlight campaign and release of Guns and Robots on Steam, which is currently in its open beta phase. With this partnership, Masthead Studios will be free to focus on developing Guns and Robots further, and may even begin work on their next project. Gamers can learn more about the game by following TheGameWall Studios on Facebook, and @GunsandRobots on Twitter.

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