Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Coming to Xbox One

In a surprise announcement via Kickstarter update yesterday, Double Fine announced that Massive Chalice will be heading exclusively to Xbox One after its PC release. Designed by Brad Muir of Psychonauts fame, Massive Chalice‘s imaginative tactical fantasy concept brought in over $1.2M on Kickstarter.

Massive Chalice will have players raise a heroic bloodline under the guise of an immortal king. Gameplay itself will be split between turn-based tactical combat and fantasy kingdom roleplay as you aim to outlast a century long war. Strategize generations of heroes by either pitting them into a life of war, or by focusing on raising a family and passing their strengths onto the next of kin. This is achieved through a clever permadeath mechanic that has heroes drop relics upon their death that, when collected by the next in the bloodline, will make the new hero more powerful than the last.

This Xbox One announcement comes hot on the heals of Sony’s reveal last night that Tim Schafer’s classic Grim Fandango will be remastered for Playstation 4.