Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Adds Her Voice To Kholat


Actress, Singer, and Director Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is providing her vocal talents to the soundtrack for IMGN.PRO’s upcoming game, Kholat. The soundtrack, composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski, and the effects of the recent recording session are in the process of being implemented into the game to accurately set the mood of this dark game.


Fans of the Silent Hill series may recognize Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s name, or at least her voice from the soundtracks. The developers acquired her talents for this reason, also believing that her voice suited the specific mood of Kholat. This is not the only talent acquired for the game, as Kholat also includes narration from the one and only Sean Bean.

Kholat follows the story of a rescue expedition following the path of a group of Russian students that disappeared years before during an expedition to the northern Ural Mountains. The journey uncovers a tent cut from the inside, and the  half-dressed bodies of the students within a radius of several hundred meters. Though most died from the pure and unforgiving cold, the reason for their state of undress, likely a source of panic and chaos, is nowhere to be found beyond a few strange injuries on the bodies.


Kholat is scheduled for release on June 10, 2015 for PC and Mac. For more information about this game and future IMGN.PRO games, gamers can follow the team’s progress on Twitter or Facebook.

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