Manipulate Time and Space in Panoramical

Not just anyone can manipulate time and space with a little blue box. However, this musical adventure makes it easy to get lost in the changing of mountains, morphing oceans into deserts, and more than a dozen different landscapes. With just a touch, the look and sound of a landscape can be changed. This musical adventure through space and time allows players to change the world by changing the music. No police box required. This adventure is Panoramical.


Finji, the team behind Panoramical, has created a game about manipulating landscapes to create beautiful, melodic combinations. The game encourages players to explore and delve into the aesthetic expressions that the team has worked so hard to achieve. Players go at their own pace; they can explore as much or as little as they want, manipulate and changing the music at their own discretion.

Panoramical began as just a weird little experimental idea after the Game Developers Conference. Fernando Ramallo and David Kanaga started a few prototypes on a mixer board: it led them to scaling 3D models that would also manipulate the music at the same time. The setup was “pretty cute,” but “something about it was kind of magical.”

The game was revealed in 2012 at Indiecade, and it has only grown from there. Ramallo and Kanaga created twelve scenes and tracks for the game on their own, but they sought help from some other developers to create extra musical scenes. Developers from games like Nuclear Throne, PixelJunk Eden, No Man’s Sky, FRACT, and Samurai Gunn have come together to add their own spin on musical manipulation.


Panoramical features fifteen unique environments that players can manipulate: from calm and meditative to an explosion of color. Kanaga, who also worked on the music of Proteus and Dyad, created the dynamic, interactive music. Players can easily capture pictures and videos in the game to share what their particular landscape has become.

Panoramical releases today on Steam, Humble, and for $9.99 USD, and is available to play on Windows or Mac. To find out a little more about the developers, be sure to follow them on Twitter.