Make Your Own Decisions In Interactive Horror: Buried


Buried is a piece of interactive fiction, a choose your own adventure style narrative told through text, images, and an immersive soundtrack. A logger wakes up in a forest having lost his memories and unable to find the rest of his crew. Investigating, he uncovers a terrible secret. The choices the player makes throughout the game dictate the plot.

GameScreenshot1Inspired by decision oriented games such as The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain, the game allows players to compare their decisions to other players. The game features over 30 photos, 15 songs, and up to 4 hours of gameplay. It will be available on iOS and Android when it releases on January 5th, 2016.

Buried comes from Bromoco Games, founded in September 2014 by Brice
Morrison. Morrison has worked with a small team to develop Buried since May, including published author Barry Napier and ambient composer Gimu. Bromoco describe its motivation as making “games that allow us to push the medium forward as an art form, as well as make players think”. Another project, nature inspired puzzler Cloud Grove, is also tipped for release in 2016.

For more information, check out the game website, Bromoco Games’ website, or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.