Make Way For The Veggienauts – New ‘Outwitters’ Characters Announced


One Man Left Studios recently announced on their blog that a new team will be added to their awesome strategy based race game Outwitters, which will include a new type of character: Veggienauts. The blog posting was accompanied by some concept art and we have to say, it looks pretty sweet:


The Veggienauts are a part of a special unit called Bramble that will be released as a part of Outwitters‘ upcoming team pack addition, which is expected to be released in late October. Their special power is a green thumb, and they will be able to root themselves down to make destructible barriers out of their thorns. According to One Man Left’s blog, these thorns “will allow him to slowly spread his way across the map like a weed, blocking weak spots, capping Bonus Spaces, or providing cover for allies moving up the field.”

This pack looks like a great addition to an already awesome game. For those of you who haven’t caught Outwitters fever yet, you can get the game in the AppStore for free and you can find out more details about the new pack as info is released on One Man Left’s website, Facebook and Twitter.