Make Way For ‘Stampede’, Coming Soon To iOS

Strength in numbers, fellows, strength in numbers. That’s an adequate analogy to abide by when dealing with with pesky creepy-crawlies, anyway. One or two may be effortlessly crushed beneath your mighty sandal, but face a horde of the little mites and you’d better be prepared for an onslaught of epic proportions.

That’s the angle Kingdoms Collide appear to be taking with their upcoming portable survival game, Stampede, which is currently being readied for an iOS release. From what we can gather, the game pits you, a lonesome wizard stranded on a remote island, against ever-expanding masses of diminutive, yet deceptively deadly critters. With no means of defence other than a magic staff, which we’d assume is a pretty effective equaliser in a situation like this, you’re left with little choice but to either blast your tiny nemeses out the way or teleport to safety to live another day. Hey, as long as it’s not real, I’m game.

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