Magician’s Apprentice – Customize An Epic Adventure

Magician’s Apprentice is a crossgenre hack’n’slash roguelike game inspired by classic games like Diablo 2 and developed by the team at The game is a single player experience that pits players against monsters as they travel around a randomly-generated world.


Magician’s Apprentice uses 3D graphics that play on a 2D scale for a “2.5D” isometric gameplay experience. The game can also seamlessly switch to a fully retro roguelike view that uses ASCII symbols instead of character models. In either case, fighting against these deadly monsters and winning will lead to several rewards, such as powerful loot to improve power and abilities. Players can also level the skills and stats of the apprentice, as well as create custom spells through a skill tree system. This feature allows players to fully develop their own strategies with each playthrough. Even with such powerful abilities, players may find loyal allies that will join them in battle and help in dealing a critical blow to the monsters of the world.


Magician’s Apprentice is currently available on Steam Early Access for PC, with a Mac and Linux port upcoming. The game is available for $9.99 USD, and the full release is scheduled for Q1 2016. For more information on this and future projects, visit

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