Magic Comes at a Price in Mable & The Wood

Mable & The Wood

Based off of a 48-hour game jam held back in April 2015, developer Triplevision Games Mable & the Wood takes players into a world where the color is draining due to the overuse of magic. The hero of this story is a shape-shifting girl named Mable who takes the form of the beasts she slays. The catch? Her powers are slowly destroying the world she’s trying to save.

Using different forms requires magic, that magic comes by slaying the creatures of the wood. Players will travel the world to find the source of the darkness before the forest dies. There is no set starting point in this grand adventure, players can pick which level they want to play and in what order. Some places in the world are not easily reached, players will have to use different attacks as a means of traversal in order to uncover secrets hidden about. Mable’s abilities will grow in power as the player explores more areas. Normal creatures will not grant Mable new forms, killing the bosses of each level will. Keep in mind, however, these beasts are the last of their kind so players have the option to either slay for power or avoid them all together.

Mable & The Wood is currently in development but will go live on Kickstarter March 29. The game is expected to release in February 2017 for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. To learn more about the game and developer Triplevision Games visit the official website, and follow on Twitter.

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