Lost Caverns Flaps Onto Android

Lost Caverns logo

Tom Armstrong, a children’s book illustrator and part-time game developer, has just released Lost Caverns, a 2D platformer that puts players in control of a small creature as it tries to explore, survive, and thrive in a strange, underground world.

The main character is a bat-like creature, and is able to flap its ears to help it maneuver freely through the titular caverns. The little faux-bat has to do its best to mine and collect as much of the underground treasure as it can find, all while navigating and avoiding the dangers of the caverns. The primary point of tension – beyond the risk of dying, of course – is the timer that is constantly counting down as the player progresses through the level. This timer means players will have to balance getting treasure with simply reaching the end.

Lost Caverns Screenshot

The game operates using a few on-screen buttons: one each for going left and right, one for jumping/flying, and one for operating the claw that allows the character to snag the cavern’s treasures.

Lost Caverns is available on Google Play for free, and Mr. Armstrong has said that any updates to the game – including additional levels – will be added to the game for free as well. Those interested in learning more about the game or Armstrong himself can check out the website for his game company, FireCroc Games. Currently, there are no stated plans to port the game to iOS or Windows phones.

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