Loot Hero DX – Dragon-Slayer Running RPG Now Available

Loot Hero DX is an RPG/Runner genre hybrid developed by VaragtP Studios, following the successful release of the flash game Loot Hero on game sitesĀ like Kongregate in 2014. The game uses retro-inspired graphics and a simple to learn style of gameplay to provide nearly instant combat, experience, and, of course, loot.

Loot Hero DX (PC) - 01

Loot Hero DX, the latest version of the game, just recently arrived on Steam boasting both a new soundtrack as well as Xbox 360 controller support. Beyond this, however, it does not appear that the game differs from its Flash predecessor.

The game challenges players to travel through the world, killing monsters in order to reach and slay the dreaded dragon at the end. Loot Hero DX lets players run along a 2D screen and repeatedly bounce and smash againstĀ enemies, doing damage with each hit. Along with leveling, players can also upgrade their attack, critical hit rate, defense, and speed in order to better fight through hordes of enemies, made up of 20 different monsters and bosses.

Loot Hero DX (PC) - 04

Loot Hero DX is now available on Steam for PC at the low price of $2.99. Those interested in getting the latest updates about this and future projects can follow VaragtP on Twitter or Facebook for more information.

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