Lone Wolf Complete – The Entire Gamebook Saga All in One App

The indie developers at Forge Reply, in partnership with Atlantyca Lab and publisher BulkyPix, just released a complete version of the gamebook saga written by Joe Dever. Titled Lone Wolf Complete, the game moves the entire four-part episodic adventure into one app for mobile devices, including several tweaks based on feedback from those who played the original episodic adventure.


unnamed-2Lone Wolf Complete is a mixture of a gamebook story with action-RPG gameplay within. The story itself is affected by the choices the player makes during the entire adventure, affecting the player’s progress and the fate of those around the main character, the Kai Lord of Sommerlund. The story moves forward like a book, describing characters, dialogue, and more before asking for a choice from the player. Encounters with any monsters are solved using the action-RPG element, aiming to provide an exciting break between the story itself and forcing players to stay on their toes.

Lone Wolf Complete is available now for iOS and Android devices for $12.99, with a launch price of $9.99 that will remain until midnight on February 27. For more information about this and future games, visit BulkyPix’s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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