‘Lobodestroyo’ Is Dripping With N64 Generation Nostalgia

Inspired heavily by some of the greatest platforming games from the Nintendo 64 generation, Left Handed Game Studio are hoping to really create something nostalgic with Lobodestroyo by bringing back some of that mid-90s charm.

Lobodestroyo is an action platformer with a strong emphasis on item collection and exploration, much like the good old days of Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64. Players take control of Mutt a poor hapless hero who players must guide across nine unique interconnected worlds.

Mutt is forced to realize his full potential after he wakes up to find Mt. Justice in ruins, his wolf pack brothers missing, and the prized Lobodestroyo’s belt strewn across his destroyed temple. On top of this, ten members from maximum security lockup have escaped.

Although Mutt has never aspired to much he takes it upon himself to don the belt and go out in a hunt for the escape convicts, and his wolf pack.

Left Handed Game Studio seem to have great ambitions with this title and have realized without public backing, Lobodestroyo may never be finished, which is why they have turned to Kickstarter.


Asking for $35,000 to fund a complete version of the game, Left Handed Game Studio plans releases on the PC, Mac, Linux, and OUYA. If they make the goal they also have hopes to bring the game to the Wii U, PlayStation 4, and even Xbox One.

With a little over half a month remaining in the campaign, it seems Lobodestroyo needs some love from the community in order to hit its target.

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  • I was just about to pledge when I noticed that the only way you can ever see the entire game is to pledge $100 or more (to get the last 3 levels: “da club”, “presidential suite” and “private island”). I love and miss this kind of game, but I can’t afford to spend that much on a game from developers with no track record, and knowing I’ll never be able to fully complete it unless I pledge at that level made me decide to not pledge at all and take my chances if and when it’s ever released.

    I would imagine many 3D platformer devotees are also completionists, and that’s why they’re stuck south of 30% with only 2 weeks left. Shame about that; I hope they try again with a more typical (swag and in-game-credit based) approach if they do another Kickstarter.